Home Bid Realty General Purpose

Our Broker has over 35 years of experience, you can feel confident that we will provide convenient safe service.

As you know home Buyers find it challenging to go through the time, and effort it takes to find a home, plus may get intimidated by Real Estate agents that are only looking to make a commission.

Well here at Home Bid Realty we take out most of the work, by bringing the whole MLS into the comfort of your home, and give you access to all the homes available, plus have filters in place to narrow your search to make it even easier.

Most all home buying is done by the emails, or the internet anyway, so why not start looking on your own at your own pace, we have provided a great format to do just that.

Our state of the art program takes most all the worry, and time away from your home buying experience, just log on and search for your home, click buy it now, and fill in that price and terms, and that’s basically it!

We will send your Letter of intent offer out after you review it, and agree with some terms, and you’re done! it’s that simple! “You just made a non binding offer all on your own”!

Then when the letter is agreed to, we will take it from there represent you, and fill out a proper TREC form to make the deal legal, If you are out of town?, no worries, we can situate a longer termination period for you to come and see it, then get it inspected.

we have developed this site to make the home buying process easy, and comfortable at your fingertips as everybody is using computers to do everything these days, so why not buying homes.

We are licensed and authorized by the state of Texas. Click below: