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  6900 Grand Hollow Drive Plano TX 4/4/3 $750,000 found and sold 2018

3528 Shore crest, Plano TX 3/2/2 restored found and sold February 2019 18

103 Covey McKinney TX 4/3/3 great condition, found and sold May 2018 18

2706 Kingswood Garland TX 3/2/2 average condition found and sold Jan 2018 18

2802 Green oaks Garland TX 3/2/2 found and sold Jan 2019

3112 Wichita Dr. Garland TX found and sold 2018

8721 Clear Lake Rowlet TX found and sold 2018

2705 Winter Place Plano TX found and sold 2018

6031 Timber Creek Dallas TX found and sold 2018

1445 Earlshire Place Plano TX 2/2.1/2, Found and sold 2018

617 Gibson St. Cedar Hill TX 3/2.1/2, found and sold 2018

1603 Railhead Place Carrollton TX 3/2/2 found and sold 2018

6632 Gentle Wind Ln. Dallas TX 4/3/2, found and sold 2018

736 Bandit Trail Keller TX 4/5.1/3 found and sold for $1,000,000 2017

1603 Railhead Place Carrollton TX 3/2/2 found and sold 2018